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Baptismal Party

Christening of Julio Because we ran out of time, we were not able to take a good pic on the venue setup, but the party went well. So here are some photos for you to enjoy 😀


Frozen and Cars Back to Back Birthday Party

Our client wanted to celebrate both her kid’s birthdays at the same time since their birthdays are too close to each other. Another full package service which has an additional face painting service, “pabitin” as another version of the pinata, and hosting among others. So here are some highlights from our client’s back to back […]


Lalaloopsy themed party

Our cute client who just turned 1 had a great lalaloopsy party. We arranged a whole package party… from the invites, room decor, lootbags and giveaways, cakes and cupcakes, food catering, photoframes, pinata, games and more. We had so much fun creating this one and put all our creativity in to it. The celebrant and […]